100 Instagram Captions that will Grab your Followers' Attention

Instagram is all about telling your story through pictures. The CEO and co-founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, even dedicated the platform's speedy international growth to one simple, universal factor: "You don't need to speak a specific language to like taking pictures."


With that being said, captions, likes, and comments also make up a huge part of using Instagram, particularly when it comes to marketing through the platform.

In a recent study, Agora Pulse revealed that Instagram posts with captions had an increase of:

  • 53.03% in Likes
  • 28.78% in Reach
  • 127.5% in Comments

Compared to those exact posts without a caption - proving that a good caption is vital to engagement with your followers and, therefore, the success of your post. Not to mention, the longer someone spends reading your caption and engaging with your post, the better your post will rank on the oh-so-difficult Instagram algorithm!

Instagram captions allow you to add context to a picture, build relationships with your followers and tell a story through your image while providing details that your followers may not have previously known.

Once you have built a genuine relationship with your followers, you'll undoubtedly become a source of truth in your niche. Your followers will look to you for brand advocacy, and your buying habits will influence theirs. It's at that stage when you're promoting a product or service that you will most likely have to include some form of promotion in your caption, which makes it a little easier.

However, when you're just posting your own pictures with no brand direction or context required, creating a witty, fitting caption to grab your followers' attention can be challenging.

For those occasions, I've created this list of things to say when you don't know what to say. I hope you find it helpful and use these captions for some inspo along the way on your Insta journey!

For the foodies

  1. In the mood for food
  2. I'm not drooling; you are
  3. Home is wherever I'm with food
  4. Count the memories, not the calories
  5. You gotta nourish to flourish
  6. Goodies for the foodies
  7. Food is always a good idea
  8. In the mood for food
  9. Millennials who munch
  10. I just want someone to look at me the way I look at food
  11. Sorry—I'm in a relationship. With food
  12. Sugar, spice, and everything nice
  13. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
  14. Donut kill my vibe
  15. Issa snack
  16. Age and glasses of wine should never be counted
  17. The first sip of a hot beverage is always the scariest sip
  18. Brunch without champagne is just a sad breakfast
  19. There is no better feeling than a warm pizza box on your lap
  20. The only way to ruin my day is to cancel lunch plans

For the fashionista

  1. "Florals for spring? Groundbreaking." —Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada
  2. "I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour." —Wednesday Addams, The Addams Family
  3. "On Wednesdays, we wear pink." —Karen Smith, Mean Girls
  4. Better to arrive late than ugly
  5. This dress was doing everything that it needed to do
  6. Let's hear it for the back of the dress
  7. Bury me in this dress
  8. She's custom
  9. This ___ just hits different
  10. Oh, this old thing?
  11. [Insert age], still loves to play dress-up
  12. "Father, son, and House of Gucci." —Patrizia Reggiani in House of Gucci
  13. Prada you
  14. The only F-word I know is Fendi
  15. It's all Gucci
  16. Back to black
  17. Wear your greens
  18. Neutral agreement
  19. One day I'll stop wearing this outfit. Today is not that day
  20. You're cute jeans

For the furry friends

  1. A house is not a home without a dog
  2. What did we do to deserve dogs?
  3. Puppy love
  4. Pawsitive vibes only
  5. The best therapist has fur and four legs
  6. Life's short, spoil your dog
  7. Cats know how we feel. They don't care. But they know.
  8. Let's be honest, if dogs could talk there'd be no need for people
  9. One thing my dog and I have in common is that we never want me to go to work
  10. Leave me alone, I'm only speaking to my cat today
  11. The fine line between love and hate is one negative comment about my dog
  12. Sometimes you just gotta lay on the floor with your dog
  13. If you want the best seat in the house you'll have to move the dog
  14. Sorry, I can't, I have to walk my dog
  15. Pets: Life's apology for every crappy day ever
  16. Not to brag or anything, but I'm kind of a big deal to my dog
  17. I wish I could text my dog
  18. Tell your dog I say hi
  19. Who adopted who?
  20. Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them

For the lovers

  1. Always better together
  2. I know I'm a handful but that's why you've got two hands
  3. You're my favourite notification
  4. My ride or die
  5. I wanna spend the rest of my sunsets with you
  6. Life is better when we're together
  7. I like me better when I'm with you
  8. Playin' for keeps
  9. I'm so down for you
  10. Loves me like I'm brand new
  11. Never settle
  12. At least we're under the same sky
  13. I broke my rules for you
  14. I pick my poison & it's you
  15. Happy wife, happy life
  16. Fools rush in
  17. That 90s sitcom kind of love
  18. Can't share won't share
  19. Never easy, but always worth it
  20. To the moon and back

For the jet setters

  1. Go where you feel most alive
  2. Catch flights, not feelings
  3. Wanderlust and city dust
  4. Find me under the palm trees
  5. Watch more sunsets than Netflix
  6. Adventures are forever
  7. Carpe diem
  8. Holiday calories don't count
  9. Ready for take off
  10. 90% happy, 10% burnt
  11. Come get lost with me
  12. Let's wander where the wifi is weak
  13. Life is not meant to be lived in one place
  14. She wasn't bored, just restless between adventures -Atticus
  15. Life is short and the world is wide
  16. If you never go, you'll never know
  17. Running to the gate is my cardio
  18. Good things come to those who book flights
  19. I choose to collect memories instead of things -Elena Lero
  20. The ocean made me salty

Although an image is worth a thousand words, a good caption has the power to take your post to a whole new level. So next time you're stuck for words, come back to this list and spark some Insta inspo.

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