How brands can utilise the 'influence of influencers'

As we all know, influencer marketing is quickly becoming one of the most important online marketing channels. Budgets are growing fast, and marketers are seeing strong returns. Influencers are an important new media development as they have incredible reach, are already influencing consumer behaviour and can offer better return-on-investment (ROI).

Many will already have been using influencers, not just because of their incredible potential reach, but as it’s an extremely cost-effective form of marketing. In Dectech’s report (2021) on ‘The Influence of Influencers’, their research has found that influencers are 30% cheaper than traditional media, highlighting the growing use of this channel and why so many marketers now only use this form of marketing for media creation.

As influencer marketing is such a cost-effective method, it allows brands to make mistakes, learn from them and then refine their strategies accordingly without breaking the bank. This makes it an extremely powerful and streamlined marketing tool that many marketers can’t afford to miss out on. When diving further into this, we have seen that the most powerful pieces of content from influencers are those that are authentic, eye-catching and sit within the influencer’s area of expertise.

So if we are seeing that this type of paid influencer marketing is the most efficient form of marketing, imagine the results you could see if you removed the most expensive part. Imagine if you could remove the part of having to pay the influencers for content, all whilst still receiving truly authentic and engaging content. Well, there is no need to imagine as here at Room Unlocked we do exactly that.

§We have created a space for brands to exchange products and experiences with true brand advocates in return for authentic engagement and brand advocacy that drives trust and loyalty through greater brand awareness. We remove the industry's biggest cost of paying influencers for content by allowing brands to collaborate with true brand advocates. Not only do we eliminate the need to pay influencers, but we also remove the pain of sourcing, organising and delivering manual campaigns which as a result delivers a far greater return on investment than industry averages.

We believe brands should not be ‘placing ads through influencers’. Instead, they should be creating fans and building relationships. That’s why The Room allows established brands to engage with the people who already love them, and rising brands to find the people who will love them. No money changes hands; people talk about you because they love your brand and that as a result transpires through into the content they create. Advocacy generated content benefits from a combination of the asset itself,  from the audience it reaches and most importantly true authenticity.

The beauty of working with true advocates is that the audience that follows them are more engaged, and more likely to buy into what they are promoting. Not only does more authentic content mean that consumers are more likely to buy what you are selling, but it is likely to improve your overall brand image.

Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself. You can access this passion-led and rewarding experience between you and your brand lover through a Pay-Per-Use option or annual subscription. All you need to do is decide what works best for you, and then sit back and watch the results.


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