How to become a male advocate for your favourite brands

While it won’t surprise many to learn that there is an unbalanced proportion of male influencers in the industry. According to (2019), male influencers only take up 16% on Instagram in relation to female influencers. However, that being said, things seem to be changing. The male influencer market seems to be on the rise. Whilst Instagram still remains predominantly female, the opposite seems true for TikTok. Globally, we are seeing that the TikTok influencer business is becoming somewhat male-dominated.

With more and more brands in fashion, lifestyle and grooming, it has meant there is much more demand for men to promote their products on their own channels. It’s hard to say exactly what may be causing an increase in male influencers but it is likely to be due to the growing acceptance and interest men now have in their well-being and appearance. Perhaps this is why they are turning to an influencer they trust for guidance and direction on what to purchase.

One thing is for sure, with diversity and inclusion at the forefront of peoples minds, brands are continuously searching and demanding more male influencers to work with. Brands want to work with creative, inspiring men who like what the brand is offering enough to go off and take photos themselves, to ensure it feels authentic.

However, the biggest problem is finding the right person for the job. And vice versa. The male influencer market seems to be challenging for both parties. Brands are struggling to find the right male influencers to fit their brand, and male influencers are struggling to find the right brands to collaborate and ultimately create long-term relationships with. That’s why we have created the perfect solution. Our online marketplace enables brands to find and engage with the best and most passionate storytellers who love them and want to share authentic stories.

So how does it work?

A brand posts an opportunity to our browse wall stating what they are offering in exchange for media exposure. An influencer then bids on the campaign and the brand can decide whether they want to work with them or not. Once the bid has been accepted, the influencer receives the product or attends the event and creates the content in return. We capture all the data and both parties are rewarded. It really is that simple.

We believe that influencer marketing needs to feel genuinely authentic to be interesting. That’s why we are striving for realness in all aspects. We help both brands and influencers spark those magic collaborations to create truly authentic and engaging content.

Our platform has some incredible brands looking for male influencers to grow and build relationships with. Brands like Bulldog skincare, 11 degrees, Size? offer specific products just for men and do extremely well around key calendar moments, such as Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas. That being said we have lots of other exciting brands from HelloFresh to Samsung to trips to the Maldives. With such a variety of brands eagerly waiting, all that is needed now is for more male influencers to step forward and show what they can offer in return.

Our platform thrives on encouraging brands to give advocates the creative freedom and ability to work collaboratively, in order to get the best out of these partnerships. This allows you as an advocate to stay true to your own brand, as well as appeal to the needs of the brand itself. This exchange of kind, not currency not only benefits you in terms of excess to exciting brands but so much more.

Whether you are inspiring, motivating, or educating your following, we would love to have you join our community. We are looking for passionate advocates with either a broad or narrow scope want passionate advocates whose scope is either broad or narrow but ultimately wants to create unique and authentic partnerships with some incredible brands. We have it all in one place to make your life as easy and as enjoyable as possible. All you need to do is apply!


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