Talent Trends

Each month we will be letting you know of the Talent Trends that are sweeping through the Influencer Marketing industry. These will range from content ideas to what brands are looking for when they work with talent. This month we are discussing how video is the biggest medium of 2021, how brand values are taking centre stage and how long-term collaborations are the best way to work together.


Live Streaming & Video Content is the biggest medium of 2021 

Video content and live streaming creates far more engaging content for followers. From TikTok to Instagram Live & Reels, the demand for video content has grown considerably and is set to continue on the same trajectory.

Videos allow for a much more dynamic and personal connection between talent and their audiences. YouTube has utilised this format for many years but as TikTok came to be, it has opened up a new world of short videos that are more consumable. Even if you don’t create content on TikTok or YouTube, Reels on Instagram are an effective way to create natural content that audiences respond well to.

Don’t forget about live streaming! It may not be as polished as feed videos, but viewers feel connected to you in a way that emulates a friendship. This is incredibly powerful as we all seek recommendations from friends, so utilising this platform can help improve engagement and grow your platform.


Brand values to take centre stage

It has never been more important to show what values a brand holds dear. During a time of great uncertainty, consumers are more aware and happier to pay more for brands that their values align with. These principles are the foundation of the brand, and the visibility of these is essential to ensuring consumer trust. Whom a brand aligns with must therefore be regarded as one of the highest priorities.

This wholly springs from the significance that consumers place on honesty and the fact that they are highly responsive to the transparency of brands and talent. Talent, as their own version of a brand (the brand being themselves), is judged based on the choices they make, i.e., relevance of brand for them.

Consumers are becoming less and less responsive to “#Ad” all the time. The importance is focused on those utilising their reach and platform to work with brands they truly need, want and love. It is that simple.


Long term collaborations

Talent and brands are calling for longer relationships. The days of working with talent on one off campaigns are almost behind us. Instead, there is a movement towards long term collaborations whereby the value of quality over quantity is highlighted.

Working in these long-term partnerships enables a more collaborative environment for both the brand and talent, providing the ideal groundwork for true authenticity to shine through content. This in turn provides a natural consistent flow of content that feels more genuine to its audience.

Essentially, when people work together for longer; the content, the message, and the relationship become stronger and more valuable to both counterparts. It’s a win, win!


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