The Brand Managers Promotional Dates Field Guide

Struggle to keep up-to-date on all current and sector-specific events and dates?

Don't worry; you are not alone!

With so much going on, we understand how difficult it is for brand managers to keep track of their content marketing activities and ensure they are aligned with all relevant dates.

We've made it super easy and created a guide where you can access over 200 key promotional events and dates to help when scheduling your content for the year ahead.

Instead of sharing a long list of every fun but obscure date, we have narrowed in on what we think are the most crucial ones marketers need to know.

Brand managers can use this to plan out their overarching timelines for the year ahead and decide which promotions they want to plan their marketing activities around.

Download the guide today to refresh your social strategy and enhance your online visibility by creating content around each of these instances to keep your audience engaged.


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