What value can Room Unlocked offer to you as an influential advocate?

In the influencer marketing space, consumers have been growing tired of being bombarded with ads on their social media feeds, and are calling out creators for being inauthentic. Advertising is no longer working for brands or people, and there is a real problem and disconnect between them. Brands are having to buy influence, and influencers are having to sell themselves. They both have lost the freedom to be true to themselves, which is neither truthful nor trustworthy. Consumers are demanding more from the influencers they follow, they are wanting more transparency, authenticity and genuine value. As a result, influencers need to make a change and fast or at least be open to the idea of stepping away from its transactional roots to a more authentic interaction.

This is where Room Unlocked can help you. Our true advocacy platform allows established brands to engage with the people who already love them, and rising brands to find the people who will love them. We offer an authentic collaboration and a value exchange with people who talk about a brand because they love them not because they are getting paid. Authenticity transforms influencer marketing from a transactional relationship into a two-way interaction.It creates a more passion-led and rewarding experience for both brands and you as an advocate.

We understand many of you might feel that paid partnerships are the best way forward, and while they do have their place, we feel our platform offers so much more value than money. So, let's take a look.

Why choose Room Unlocked?

Lack of trust for paid #ads 

Today’s consumers are becoming too savvy for paid advertising. People are beginning to turn their backs on influencers only promoting products or services that they are being paid to talk about. An essential factor for the consumer/influencer relationship is trust. And whilst many people credit influencers for their purchase decisions and trust their opinions on products, they do have their limits. When trust has been breached many are likely to unfollow them. It was noted that 72% of consumers would unfollow an influencer for disingenuous endorsements (Marketing Charts, 2019), showing how valuable and important trust is to consumers.

Additionally, with the ASA crackdown on #ads, influencers are now more than ever having to properly disclose whether or not they are being paid to talk about a product or service. Paid partnership tags allow consumers to make an informed decision if their beloved Instagram stars deliver reviews from the heart or the bank. When it becomes apparent that the influencer is turning a profit from their efforts, the scrutiny increases ten-fold. You are likely to see a shift in the influencers brand identity and a decrease in engagement because unfortunately people still dislike ads. That’s why working with brands that you have a genuine love for will come across in your content and will allow your audience to see you as more real and trustworthy.

Be rewarded for being true to yourself

We solve a big problem influencers have. Influencers started selling themselves for profit, bending to the will of brands and sacrificing their authentic self in the process. Using The Room means you no longer need to compromise who you are on behalf of brands, instead you get to work with the brands you truly love and be rewarded for it. In short - you get to live what you love. Pretty great right?

Endorsing a brand that either contradicts your persona or doesn’t fit with your lifestyle, can make people feel like it's a fake promotion and they are fully aware when an influencer hasn’t actually used it. The inorganic feel to these endorsements rings hollow with most audiences. It’s uncomfortable to viewers and makes them question the influencer. As much as it probably feels inauthentic to the endorser. So, why not have access to brands you love and no longer have to fake a partnership with, by one easy step. No catch. Just apply and wait to see if you fit our criteria and then you have unlimited access to the platform.

Create long-term relationships

As we have seen from the last year, consumers have been turning to their favourite influencer or celebrity that they trust the most. They have been looking to authentic and real leaders to help them navigate through these continued uncertain times. That's why in order to create these loyal relationships with your followers, it's important to be truthful and honest about the brands you associate yourself with. Creating long term relationships shows to your audience that you choose to work with them because your values align and it is an authentic and genuine partnership.

Additionally, using Room Unlocked opens you up to working with the brands you love on a long term basis which can lead to endless opportunities in the future. The more committed and invested an influencer is in the results of a campaign, the more it will shine through their work. Going above and beyond on a campaign can mean an influencer is more likely to be rewarded with more projects in the future. Not only that but long term collaborations means you get to know a brand's communication style. This saves both the brand and influencer time in finding, sourcing and understanding the requirements of a collaboration. Brands will put more trust in true advocates, allowing for more creative freedom. They will respect your ideas and take a step back on the control of a campaign.

Discover brands you never knew you loved

Using Room Unlocked we have access to both well-known brands as well as ones that you might not have heard about. The beauty of our platform is you get exposure to these great brands that you might grow to love. Our extensive portfolio includes brands from all different categories such as food and beverages, beauty, health and wellness, travel and many others. Whatever your passion is, we are sure to have you covered. Take a look at some of our case studies to get an idea of the sorts of brands you could collaborate with.

Access brands you couldn’t reach 

We provide brand lovers access to thousands of great brands that can help them build their presence on social media to allow them to communicate and reach a wider audience to share topics that matter to them most. Working collaboratively with these brands means brands put their trust in these advocates. They are allowing them to have the creative freedom to share with their audiences what fits in with their style and tone of voice. This is likely to mean their following will be more engaged with the content as it is more authentic and in line with their own values. We know that the deeper an influencer is involved in the collaboration, the more personal and engaging the output will be. That’s why we have created this space that gives influencers of any size following, macro, mid-tier and micro-influencers, exclusive access to brands that will want to collaborate with them because they express a genuine love for their brand.

Now you know what we can offer, what are you waiting for? Start collaborating with brands like Samsung, HelloFresh, Size?, Olay - just to name a few, by applying today.


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