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Charlotte Tilbury

How Charlotte Tilbury reached over a million consumers from 350+ pieces of content

Beauty & fragrances


The aim of the campaign was for our members to produce authentic and inventive content for their social media channels to help drive significant awareness of their 30% off summer sale.

Key metrics

Total Bids
Brand Lovers
Pieces of Content
Earned Media Value


Charlotte Tilbury offered our members randomised skincare or makeup bundles to promote their 30% OFF summer sale, including Charlotte’s most loved and award-winning products.
In return, advocates created authentic and engaging content that inspired and educated their following on either skincare routines or beauty transformations.


Business Impact

By collaborating with true brand lovers, Charlotte Tilbury was able to eliminate any monetary exchange between the brand and advocate. This allowed them to deliver an extremely high EMV of just over £40k.

Quality Content

Each talent created multiple pieces of content, with a total of 381 pieces of content. With a mixture of Instagram posts, Stories and Reels, as well as videos on TikTok, it allowed the campaign to be as dynamic as possible.

Instagram reels

Through using The Room, Charlotte Tilbury was able to tap into advocates with both small and large followings. The wide variety allowed them to reach a total of over 1 million from the accepted bids.

Brand lover spotlight

The accepted talent was a range of content creators, actors, musicians and bloggers. The majority were lifestyle influencers, with an interest in beauty and skincare, with a high proportion of these being microinfluencers. These influencers have high engagement rates as their audiences are highly engaged.

Content Created

The content created was in multiple formats and across different platforms. All the content created was highly creative and authentic.
Pieces of Content

Instagram grid posts


TikTok videos

Advocates created step-by-step videos of how they created flawless makeup looks. The quick 15 second videos allow creators to share their personalities more than they can with a still image, which as a result has higher engagement with its audience.

Instagram grid posts

Stories are a quick, easy and most authentic way for advocates to engage with their followers. It is a less staged and more effective way to engage with the audience as it allows influencers to discuss the products as well as create an interactive aspect.

Instagram reels

Advocates created Reels that showed how they created a flawless make-up look using the Charlotte Tilbury products. The use of Reels allows for more creativity and freedom, and can reach a wider audience.



The Room allowed Charlotte Tilbury to find and collaborate with true advocates


Putting trust into these advocates and giving them the creative freedom to create the content that works best, allowed for a more authentic campaign


Exchanging in kind, not currency allowed Charlotte Tilbury to deliver a high Earned Media Value of just over £40k


Creating video content, such as Instagram Reels and TikTok videos was the most effective method to engaging the audience in the products

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