How to transform consumers into ‘brand lovers’ this Valentine’s Day

Over the years, Valentine’s Day has grown into something bigger and bigger. It’s no longer just a celebration for couples - consumers have started involving their families, friends and even their pets. With 40 Million Brits celebrating this occasion, it’s a huge opportunity for brands to tap into the excitement of the ‘day of love’, and pull in their consumers with exclusive products, experiences and offers. Thinking about what your brand could do for this special day? We’re here to give you all the support and inspo you’ll need!

This is also a great time to bring your customers fresh, exciting love-inspired content on socials and your website. And you’ll need it! Plenty of brands (in every space) get involved and create astonishing content for their V Day campaign, and it truly becomes competitive. In 2022, Brits spent approximately a whopping £1.37 billion on Valentine's day and it is predicted that more are set to celebrate the special day this year. 

 With Generation Z and millennials being the highest users on social media, using creators to share your message across their channels is a no-brainer. TikTok is Gen Z’s playground, with nearly half the percentage of users making up this demographic. TikTok can be an invaluable tool for e-commerce as studies have shown that 68% of users say that TikTok inspired unplanned purchases around Valentine's Day. So it’s pretty clear that brands need to utilise this space if they want to grab the attention of a younger audience.

LOVE as a strategy

With Valentine’s Day being one of the most celebrated holidays globally, it’s no doubt that it should be part of every brand’s marketing strategy. But it’s important first to understand how to genuinely resonate with your audience, and ensure that your campaign is not only exciting but relatable and loveable too. So let’s look at brand love. This is love for the brands that you take an interest in, the ones you identify with and the ones you want to know more about. So what does it mean to transform consumers into your own brand lovers? Well, brand love can come in many forms; referrals to friends and family, sharing content across social channels, press-worthy testimonials, positive online reviews and customer retention and loyalty. Brand love isn’t just a list of features, it’s an emotional connection that leads to brand loyalty and keeps consumers coming back and spreading the word. This is why it’s important to close the consumer gap trust, leaving your customers feeling connected to, and trusted by your brand. The power of brand love can be endless, so getting it right is critical. 

People love a good love story, so getting the ones that love your brand to share their stories is an automatic win. The authentic connections advocates have with their following, make them the best storytellers to showcase a brand's offering. Giving them the power to share their love story incorporating your brand product or service is an effective way to build brand awareness and sales. With more people seeing past paid sponsored posts, and a need for more authentic and real content, brands need to be more aware of who and how they work with people of influence. Instead of paying someone to talk about your brand, why not find the ones that actually love your brand and want to shout it from the rooftop. These people are more likely to create real and authentic content that consumers are going to relate to and engage with.

When customers are making a purchasing decision, they are looking for brands that they can build a loyal relationship with and continue to keep purchasing with. They want something deeper than that, they want brands that act in a personal way. Customers are looking for companies and brands to love.  So why shouldn’t brands do the same?

How to utile brand love to generate success 

In order to create real impact and a genuine connection with the right audiences, brands need to find and uncover influencers who authentically love them. Using the right creators who love and champion your brand, will show through the content created and, it’ll definitely set you apart from your competitors. By giving brands back the power to be themselves, and allowing influential people to be themselves, creates authentic and genuine partnerships. Authenticity creates love, which unlocks opportunity and diversity for brands. 

At Room Unlocked, we have helped multiple brands connect with high-performing creators who genuinely love their brand and products. They have now seen the true value of advocates and just how powerful brand lovers can be when trying to amplify their campaigns. Brands are now seeing the extensive benefits that not only come in the form of reach and engagement but through a greater volume of content and higher earned-media-value and return-on-investment. 

Building your brand love campaign 


Create a valentines day themed experience

Valentine’s Day is also about offering experiences. Whether it’s a fancy dinner out or a cozy night in, your brand can take center stage. Invite influencers day for a valentines day special, whether its for you and your partner or a “galentine’s day” night out. Cater to all needs to get maximum engagement. 

Launch products with LOVE

Take advantage if you can and adapt the products you have to fit this romantic season. If that can’t be done, why not consider turning your most-loved products into a limited edition valentines day gift special.  

Personalise it

Ditch the generic gifts and get personal this year! Personalisation is a great way for brands to stand out and reach people's hearts. Gen Z particularly love personalised products, so why not tap into this generation and personalise your gifts this Valentine’s Day to win them over. 

Collaborate with the most loved-up couples

With the inevitable social media posts dedicated to everyone’s other half, this creates an excellent marketing opportunity for your brand. Collaborate with everyone’s favourite influencer couples that can incorporate your products in a topical and emotional way to help boost your campaign. 

Examples of Valentine's Day campaigns


Valentines Day for all, at Ballie Ballerson

Ballie Ballerson invited influencers to celebrate the big 'L' in honour of Valentine’s Day. Whether they were living their best single life, boo'd up, entangled or just going with the flow, they enjoyed a fun night out. The content created captured the in-venue branding and seasonal decor which generated significant reach and high engagements. 

Image credit: @nospaceinmypassport

Temple Spa x Valentine's Day

Temple Spa offered influencers the perfect Valentine’s Day gift set to get them in the mood and ready for the special day. Influencers created a variety of content, including product reviews, gift guides, and romantic-themed photos and videos, which they shared on their social media platforms. 

Image credit:

Valentines Day with Malteser Truffle

To highlight that Maltesers Truffles make the perfect gift at Valentine’s Day, influencers were sent a hamper full of Malteser goodies. The campaign did exceptionally well as influencers went above and beyond. Many influencers didn’t just showcase gifting the products to loved ones, they created delicious and tasty treats incorporating their products. And the results we mouth-watering!


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Now that you’ve got excellent tips on how to market your brand this Valentine’s Day it's time to take action. Our team at Room Unlocked can help you start making connections with the ones that love your brand as much as you do to help you generate fast exponential ROI growth. Get in touch today to find out more. 


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