Social media lovers: How to land on the healthy side of influencer content

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To get the attention of an ad-wary consumer base, brands promote their products using influencers and celebrities which consumers admire or relate to. In an age where people are bombarded with ads constantly, it becomes more difficult to stand out. Equally, consumers have become sceptical of purchasing products advertised via social media, as they are not always as hyped up as they seem to be. That’s why we’ve compiled our top tips for engaging with authentic creators so you can stay on the healthy side of influencer content.

1. Know what to look out for

There are certain characteristics you can look out for when deciding if a creator is authentic. If their feed is void of ads and filters and they speak openly about their experiences, the chances are they are an authentic creator. It’s also useful to look at the brands they’re posting about, if they align with their personal style or experiences, it’s a good sign that they are genuine.   

2. Find creators that really align with you

Nowadays, the social media market is populated with smaller influencers who have more curated feeds and focus on a specific niche, which makes them come across as more authentic. We are not saying to unfollow your favourite celebrities or macro-influencers, but keep in mind the possibility that they might be pocketing from mentioning a product on their social media when they wouldn’t use it themselves. 

So, make sure you are also following people who are promoting products that align with similar values and beliefs as your own.

3. Think about your relationship with social media 

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen a viral product and wanted to see what the fuss is about – especially when our favourite creator has tried it. Whilst buying the product may feel as though you’re getting involved with the buzz, it’s important not to lose sight of what you would usually purchase, and whether that product is actually right for you.  

When you’re considering buying a viral product, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Would I buy this product if my favourite creator wasn’t promoting it?
  2. Is it actually worth the money?
  3. Does this product have different benefits from the ones I already have?

 Another tip is to disconnect the product from the person you’ve seen using it. Subconsciously, people believe that purchasing a product that’s promoted by a celebrity will allow them to emulate the celebrity’s traits or attract similar people into their lives. Yet in reality, this person is often using other products to achieve the finished look. In short, there is no magic product or quick fix, no matter how viral the video is! So often it’s best to think about the product itself, and whether it would be right for you, rather than the person promoting it. 

4. Lastly, remember social media is meant to be fun! 

If you feel like your feed is overloaded with creators that are promoting the latest product or experience, take time to ‘detox’ your feed.

It can help to think of it as a journey, sometimes content may resonate with you but other times it may not. Don’t be afraid to update your following page if it doesn’t align with you as a person anymore.

Room Unlocked’s examples of cool, authentic creators 

If you’re wondering who the Room Unlocked team is following right now, these are just a few of our favourite authentic creators. Check them out below!

Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe is a celebrity fashion stylist, beauty expert and interior decorator. She has a very distinct personal style and favours bold colours, luxurious fabric and statement jewellery pieces. You can spot her authenticity by the products she promotes – they all fit her personal style. There is nothing on her grid that feels ‘out of place’.

@melissaswardrobe on Instagram

Juliana Shiel is a model and artist who is best known for her beauty and makeup tutorial videos. When trying out a new product, she’ll suggest options for those who don’t own the item and even suggest cheaper alternatives! This is a great example of a creator who doesn’t believe in promoting something for the sake of it or because she is getting paid.  

 @julianashiel on Instagram 

Christian Petty is a London-based content creator. You’ll see that he responds to almost all of the comments he receives which shows he wants to create an authentic community rather than just plug a product. When styling, he will use pieces he already owns and encourages his followers to invest in minimal pieces that can be integrated with multiple outfits. 

 @christianptty on Instagram

Just remember this, you don’t have to completely rejig your following list straight away. Just focus on the content you enjoy and follow creators that speak on the topics that resonate with you the most. Need more inspiration? Check out our blog on the Top Instagram influencers to watch. 


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