Top 7 Instagram influencers to watch

Social media can be overwhelming. With ever-changing algorithms to keep an eye on, new trends popping up daily, and the need to produce cool content that makes your audience say “love this!” might not be the easiest thing to do. Plus there’s staying true to yourself and remaining authentic online - read our latest blog about spotting inauthentic influencers to find out more. 

We’ve lined up our top 7 Instagram influencers to watch right now in case you’re feeling like you need a little inspirational content pick-me-up or you you’re craving an injection of motivation to plan your next round of posts… Enjoy!


Who are our top 7 influencers to watch



Jelena is known for sharing what's new in Manchester including events, places, and experiences. Her beautiful photography style is loved by her followers and it’s no surprise that she also runs her own photography business on the side. Check out her dreamy feed.



Stacey is a mum to two little girls under the age of two - Florence Ava & Violet Olivia. She’s a strong advocate for health and wellbeing and uses her account as a memory bank for her daughters. We love her content because she’s real, relatable, and honest.

Her eldest Florence or more affectionately known as ‘Flo’ loves to cook with her. The mother and daughter duo recently enjoyed cooking from the Hello Fresh

Little Chefs Recipe Range - adorable! Take a look at what they created.



A very pleasing feed if you love an aesthetically pleasing feed!! Elizabet was one of the lucky influencers to sail around on a Virgin Voyages cruise for 8 days this Spring, she shared some stunning content including this full day on board with everything she got up to - the dream!



Olivia’s incredible makeup looks inspire us every day. She’s never one to shy away from the bold looks that stop the scroll. Her recent collaboration with beauty brand MUA Cosmetics gained a huge amount of attention from followers which we love because she remains real and authentic online. Go, Olivia! watch it for yourself.



Mark is a men’s fashion & lifestyle creator who brands himself as a ‘leading luxury travel & style connoisseur’ which we’d have to agree with! See it for yourself.

This summer he attended the Eastern Electrics Festival with our partners Stoli and took his audience along for the ride, check it out here. A few drinks, the best mate, and festival scenery… what can go wrong?



Lizzie previously worked on Carnival Liberty so her feed is full of travel content and inspo! She absolutely nailed the #SelfCareSeptember trend recently by treating herself to some beautiful blooms from @efloristflowers. This trend encourages us to get back in touch with ourselves, check in on our mental health, and do something that makes us feel good! Check out her feed.



Rebecca is a lifestyle creator who also writes for Mama Life Magazine. We’ve recently worked with her on brands like Brigit’s Bakery, Laithwaites and The Flavourists. 

We love working with her for her bright, colourful content and foodie pictures that always make us hungry! Give her some love.

How they keep their followers engaged

Once you’ve built up your audience you want to keep them engaged by sharing content that keeps coming back for more! You can do this by:

  1. Staying on top of trends on Instagram and TikTok and remember that different videos work for each of the platforms.
  2. Jumping on these trends early will show that you’re ahead of the curve and that you keep your ear to the ground to provide your followers with the best and most engaging content.
  3. Replying to every comment, on every post, reel and story - this raises your authenticity and shows your audience that you’re a real person!
  4. Stay abreast of the ever-changing Instagram algorithm - this will be your new best friend. We’ve written a blog to give you a helping hand. Read ‘Guide to beating the Instagram algorithm’.


Why we love to work with these amazing creators

Amoung the obvious reasons like their jaw-dropping content and uplifting feeds we love to work with these creators because they all share a common passion - Working with brands that they love, that love them back! With the power to approach the brands they want to work with and make authentic content with creative freedom. It’s as simple as that, we do what we do for love, not money and our talent feel the same.


If this blog has inspired you to become a full-time influencer then give this a read for our insider tips and tricks!


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