World Mental Health Day - The Importance of Downtime in an Online World


Each year World Mental Health Day pops up on our feeds to remind us to check in with ourselves and others around our mental wellbeing and to assess if there needs to be a course correction. If the way that we look after our minds has slipped due to today’s fast-paced society, work/life commitments or any other distractions today reminds us to take a closer look at our inner world and reach out to others to lend our support. 

For a city (or perhaps, just our world in general) that is always awake, it’s really important to have some time away from social media. This World Mental Health Day we asked some of our top creators on the platform to share their words of motivation around mental wellbeing and here's what they said…

A few words of motivation from some of our top creators

@henryweir_ - Olympic Athlete and Great Britain hockey player.

“Slow growth is still growth”

“You're going to figure it out like you always have”

“Not every day is a good day and that's okay”


“So, I know it's been a rough couple of years, to say the least but I'm just extremely proud of how everybody has dealt with everything and the obstacles that they have overcome.

You are amazing.

You are loved.

Keep doing what you’re doing. You’ve got this, you really do. Even if you think you’ve not go it, you’ve got it. 

Smash it!

Mental health has been something that I have prioritised more so since Covid and I cannot say how much happier I am as a person and the people around me can notice that. Use this day as a little check-up, make sure that you’re doing okay, and you’re doing something that makes you happy. Stop overthinking. you've got this!”

Watch the reel on our Instagram, here.

The feeling of  being ‘always on’ in 2022

There’s certainly a pressure in 2022 to be ‘always on’. Between using our laptops for work, our personal smartphones for content creation/daily life admin and even our down time being spent in front of a TV, there doesn’t seem to be much time to spend in the non-virtual world. It can sometimes feel as though you’re living in an AI game with no off switch (or enter your most-loved Matrix reference here!) And with the trend of ‘Digital Nomad’ taking the social media universe by storm, it’s now incredibly attractive to creators to transition to working partly (if not fully remotely) meaning more time in the virtual world. It’s clear that it’s now more important than ever to factor in time off of devices in the pockets of time when we’re not working or producing feed-worthy content.

What are we doing as a business to support mental health

As a business, Room Unlocked’s trajectory to return social media back to its organic roots is firmly programmed for success. On our own feed we’re reverting back to posting authentic, real life content by creators who share one common passion - doing it for the love of it, not just the money - is something we’re leading and encouraging our talent to follow.

Room Unlocked recognises and supports this importance now, more than ever and the impact that social media has on people, especially young adults. We all remember the day in 2021 when the Dove Reverse Selfie video came out with the hashtag #HaveTheSelfieTalk. This piece of cleverly filmed content shook up the world. It’s messages like this that needs to be shared to raise awareness for our young people on how the content that we post on social media can have a huge impact on their self confidence, body image and mental wellbeing.

Whilst we are always available via the platform or email for any concerns, we acknowledge that our professional expertise here is limited. If you are concerned for yourself or loved one, please reach out to a mental health professional to get the correct support and guidance you might need.



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