Talent: Get creative for the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend

With Easter coming up this weekend, it's time to get creative with some seasonal content. The stay at home economy during the pandemic are itching to see the freshest and most innovative content! Have you ditched the winter wardrobe yet? Need to consider a new spring grading for your grid? Here are a few things you can do to fill your feed with some Easter inspired content, whilst at home.

Easter baking

If isolation has given you a new found love for baking, then why not share what delicious Easter treats you’ll be making with your followers? Inspire them to cook along with you by making it a fun experience. It’s important to capture the process, so get creative with how you fiilm it. If you haven't already  - then this is the perfect time to set up a TikTok account to share with your followers the fun side to cooking.

Freshen up that content

It’s time to celebrate the lively shades and patterns of Spring. If you are a fan of HSCO - there are great filters on there that automatically boost the grading of your content and improve the depth of the image. Our favourite platform UNUM enables you to schedule your content, make it look 'grid worthy' with a layout formatting option. And Snapseed is our go to for any (relatable) editing that needs to be applied to images, to make those Spring colours pop just a bit more.

Behind the scenes at home

Whilst we are very much in lockdown, consumers are looking for positive, uplifting content. Creating a personal connection and providing your audience the really of how you are personally getting through this is important, and should no be forgotten. You might want to think about sharing what you are doing with your families, how you're keeping yourself busy whilst at home and spreading positive thoughts to those on their own during this time. Whether you're enjoying an Easter egg hunt in the garden, getting creative with paints or relaxing watching a movie, let your followers know. Encouraging people to stay positive and stay in doors is so important right now,  and you can make a difference by promoting fun things to do in the safety of your own home this bank holiday weekend. So get creative!

Instagram poll challenges

Why not get some interaction going with your followers and start a poll on your stories. You could find out what people are doing to keep busy, what everyone's favourite chocolate eggs are or even how they prefer to eat the beloved chocolate bunny. Ears first or feet first? Make it fun and lighthearted. This is the time to lift people's spirits as we try to enjoy the warmer Spring days ahead. Additionally why not start a challenge and get a hashtag going. It’s a great way to see if your audience is engaged and another way to have fun this Easter.


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