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Engage genuine advocates.
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Every brand is loved by someone. Room Unlocked connects you with advocates who truly care about your brand, not your money.

You exchange products and experiences. In return, influential storytellers create content that drives trust, loyalty, ROI, and earned media value.

Be authentic

Win consumer trust and increase loyalty with bold, creative content that comes from the heart.
Instantly access diverse advocates, from A-list TV talent to macro and micro influencers
Unlock content spanning online and offline media
Protect your brand with our vigorous influencer vetting process

Boost ROI

Gain exposure. Reach new and bigger audiences. See fast, exponential ROI growth.
Increase earned media value
Drive higher engagement rates
Measure success with detailed tracking and reporting

Save time

No more wasted hours trying to reach the wrong people. Find true love quickly in Room Unlocked.
Engage influencers easily through an intuitive platform
Create opportunities in under ten minutes
Watch advocates come to you

Save costs

We remove the most expensive part of influencer marketing. No money changes hands.
Lower cost-per-engagement
Avoid wasting budget courting the wrong influencers
Spread love for your brand through an exchange of passion, not currency

Through using Room Unlocked, we saw how many different areas and segments we can tap into. We could identify who were our true brand advocates.

Chantal Barcelona
Wrigley, Media Manager


An influencer is anyone who has the power to influence people’s behaviour. We welcome all types of influencers, including:

• Celebrities
• Social media talent
• Opinion leaders
• High net worth individuals
• Consumers who help charities or causes

Our influencers are either talent first or digital first:

• Talent first influencers are famous for what they do. They have an engaged audience that spans online and offline media. They range from actors, models, and musicians to chefs and journalists.
• Digital first influencers have built and engaged an audience across one or several online channels.

We welcome new talent on a case-by-case basis. Before onboarding influencers, we:

• Verify each application to ensure it’s genuine.
• Assess criteria like engagement rate, authenticity of following, and age of audience
• Check we have relevant content for them on the site.

Click into the profile of any influencer that has bid on your opportunity. You’ll see what they do, their interests, their offerings, images, a short biography, and links to their social media.

We provide a comprehensive audience data set to help you decide which bidders are right for your brand. You can also engage with them via our direct messaging system to learn more about their tone of voice and see if they’re suitable.

As many as you like. There’s no limit.

Most influencers will avoid working with competitors to preserve integrity with their audience. But we’ll alert you if a bidder has worked with a competitor through The Room in the previous month.


We encourage you to give advocates the creative freedom to produce as much or as little content as they like for a more authentic result. However, on average we usually see around two pieces of content per influencer.

Influencers own the rights to their own content. They aren’t paid to ‘transfer rights’ or for usage of that content in any other media.

However, if you love a piece of content and get permission to share it from the creator, you can use it on your own channels or websites. This is then a legally binding agreement under our site terms and conditions.

If you’d like to see content before it goes live, you can do this through our platform via the chat feature. However, you’ll get the best and most authentic content that delivers results by giving influencers complete freedom over the content they publish.

Yes – when the right handles and hashtags are used, we record content automatically.


Most opportunities will stay live for a minimum of 21 days.

But if the campaign needs to stay live for longer, we can extend this by another four to six weeks.

Once you’ve agreed on the concept and built the opportunity, it can then be pushed live, and bids will be received. After one or two weeks, bids will start to be accepted, and you can ship products to advocates. These can take another one to two weeks to be received. Around two to three weeks later, influencers post content and you’ll receive the data. After three to four weeks, you can begin to look at insights and reports.


Once you’ve accepted an influencer for an opportunity, they’re automatically added to a report. You can access this any time via a shareable link.

This report is updated daily. You can see a range of detailed information, including:

• Partaking influencers
• Content produced
• Reach
• Impressions
• Engagements

You can also view the ROI of your campaign based on impressions and engagement in an Earned Media Report.

We help brands build brand awareness. To measure this, we focus on impressions and engagements. This then generates Earned Media Value, which represents the cost the brand would have paid to generate the results we demonstrate.


Brands can subscribe to Room Unlocked at one of three pricing tiers. To find out more, get in touch with our sales team.


We’ll step in on your behalf. Our influencers sign up to clear guidelines when they join. If they don’t meet the quality standards we expect, we’ll request that they return your products and suspend or remove them from Room Unlocked.

Email us at We’ll do our best to find an agreeable solution.


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