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Room Unlocked opens the door to opportunities to collaborate with top brands around the world. Work hand in hand to create content with your favourite brands and receive great products that we know you’ll love, in exchange for your authentic advocacy.
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How Room Unlocked works

Step 1
Apply to join Room Unlocked. Our specialist team will review your application, and if you pass our threshold you’ll be invited to join our platform.
Step 2
Browse opportunities from the brands you love. Then bid to work on the campaigns that interest you most and will resonate with your audience.
Step 3
Once accepted, communicate with brands directly in the platform to deliver great content, then receive their products in exchange.

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Why Influencers love Room Unlocked

Easy to apply
Set up your profile, become a verified member and browse opportunities
Authentic content
Bid to work with the brands you love and create authentic stories
Easy campaign management
Track your content performance and communicate with brands directly
Be true to you
Enjoy full creative freedom to create the content you want and be yourself
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Room Unlocked has opportunities from top brands just waiting to create authentic content with you. Whether you’re an avid content creator on TikTok, or a micro-Instagram influencer with a penchant for storytelling through Reels - the brands your followers want to see are right here.

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